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Someone pay you to eat?

Everyone like to eat/buy, but do you know someone willing pay back you when you eat/buy thing?
All you need is to become a professional customer——a service checker.

A service checker is a part time job, which required you to perform some service/product check for some branded company.

The most common check in Malaysia is MacDonald and the paid is from 5 USD – 10 USD.


  • Good english/malay speaking, listening and writing.
  • Own some gadget as you may required to take photo, calculate time.
  • A detailed person. (Option)


  • Earn money while shopping/eating.
  • Improve your knowledge as a customer, know more about customer right.
  • Trained to become a more detailed person.
  • Easy job.


  • Have to pay by your own money first, if your report doesn’t not meet the requirement, you’ll not get paid. (sound fair right?)
  • Payment through Paypal only. (Less useful for Malaysian)
  • Payment took long time, around 4~6 weeks.
  • Only available for part time. For some case, you’ll get job once in 3 months.

Currently, the opportunity is here. The service checker team is having mass recruitment for any people not less than 18 years old live in the following area:

  • Alor Setar
  • Kedah
  • Sungei Petani
  • Kuala Trengganu
  • Kemaman
  • Kuantan
  • Triang Pahang
  • Pahang Darul akmur
  • Jerantut
  • Kampar
  • Port Dickson/Seremban
  • Nilai
  • Labuan
  • Segamat
  • Sabah
  • Sandakan
  • Tawau
  • Sarawak
  • Shah Alam
  • Kuala lumpur
  • Melaka
  • Johor Bahru.

Same as every thing, you’ll only know how good/bad a thing is only if you tried it yourself.
If you fulfil the requirement, then here is the simple tutorial for you to take the first step.

Share this news with your friend and comment if any question.

International Service Checker tutorial

Step 1

Register an account at Paypal if you don’t have any.
Please make sure you have a with correct personal information, especially e-mail.

Step 2

Go to and choose your language.page1


Step 3

choose Service Checker > Want to become a Service Checker



Step 4

Read (but we normally won’t) and agree the term and condition.

Step 5

Fill your personal data, be real.



Step 6

More information to fill.
For question “How did you find out about INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK?”
please choose “Recommendation” and fill “Kiwi Lo” if my tutorial helped you.



Step 7

After registration, there’ll be a confirmation e-mail send to your e-mail address.

Step 8

Login your account with the provided link and login details in the e-mail.
*Remember/store your user ID as you need it for every login.

Step 9

Fill a more details personal data, the task is assigned base on the information given, so be accurate.
Eg: if I fill JB, I’ll only get assign check for JB area.

Step 10

Tadaa! You’re already a member in the ISC team, but your’re not ready for a check yet.
In 24 hours, you’ll received and e-mail regarding certification test.
Just like study, we need certificate to show our qualification.
You need to obtain these two certificates before your first check.
Quality Certification and McDonald’s Certification

To get the certification, login your account > my certifications.


Step 11

Once you obtained the certificates, contact me from here/fb/tweeter I’ll request my coordinator to assign you your very first check as soon as possible.

I’ll not post a tutorial for how to perform a check because different area may have different check progress.
But don’t worry, there’ll be a complete guideline for you when you received the assign check.

Share this news with your friend and comment below if any question.





Tree Planting——The hard work done by NZ

I had a chance to join a tree planting activity when I worked in Matakana.


In NZ, there’re a lot of effort done by NZ Government in order to sustain the lovely environment in NZ.
The main attraction point is free lunch with unlimited sausage!

Tree Planting

Back to topic:
During the section, I have a chance to talk with a local Aunty.
She could share every details of the planting plan although she had some age.
She told us what tree we’re plant, how it attract bees, and how bees bring benefit to this area.
At the same time, 1 little boy also join our conversation through providing some trees’ name.
When I look into their eye, I can really saw the green hill they de-scripted.

Tree Planting

After tree planting, the organizer reported our progress.
There were also a big 5 year progress meter on the building wall.
With this, I felt that I’m one of this big project, one of the contributor to reforest this hill.

This is how NZ putting effort to it’s environment:
Everyone, with different knows what they are doing and the benefit they brings to the environment.
And they really believe it’s possible to do it.
At the same time, the country leader really show appreciation to the contributor.

If someday Malaysia can achieve to this level, I believe the environment resource in Malaysia will turn Malaysia into an amazing country!

After tree planting, we had some relaxing time around the ocean.
Watching people surfing, absorbing the sunlight, breathing the see breeze.
It’s a meaningful and wonderful weekend.

Tawahranui Regional ParkTawahranui Regional Park

Tawahranui Regional ParkTawahranui Regional Park