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Tree Planting——The hard work done by NZ

I had a chance to join a tree planting activity when I worked in Matakana.


In NZ, there’re a lot of effort done by NZ Government in order to sustain the lovely environment in NZ.
The main attraction point is free lunch with unlimited sausage!

Tree Planting

Back to topic:
During the section, I have a chance to talk with a local Aunty.
She could share every details of the planting plan although she had some age.
She told us what tree we’re plant, how it attract bees, and how bees bring benefit to this area.
At the same time, 1 little boy also join our conversation through providing some trees’ name.
When I look into their eye, I can really saw the green hill they de-scripted.

Tree Planting

After tree planting, the organizer reported our progress.
There were also a big 5 year progress meter on the building wall.
With this, I felt that I’m one of this big project, one of the contributor to reforest this hill.

This is how NZ putting effort to it’s environment:
Everyone, with different knows what they are doing and the benefit they brings to the environment.
And they really believe it’s possible to do it.
At the same time, the country leader really show appreciation to the contributor.

If someday Malaysia can achieve to this level, I believe the environment resource in Malaysia will turn Malaysia into an amazing country!

After tree planting, we had some relaxing time around the ocean.
Watching people surfing, absorbing the sunlight, breathing the see breeze.
It’s a meaningful and wonderful weekend.

Tawahranui Regional ParkTawahranui Regional Park

Tawahranui Regional ParkTawahranui Regional Park


Matakana——Life of Capsicum Boy

After I reached Matakana, Warkworth, I started my capsicum life.
This was a great job during winter, because we working in the warm green house.

Capsicum Planting

Capsicum Planting

And have wonderful chocolate during smoko time!

Capsicum PlantingCapsicum Planting

My job description was transferring the sapling to planting area.
And the main work load is carry thing.

    1. Carry the sapling from table to basket to planting area.
    2. Carry the soil from store into Green house
    3. Carry away the table back to store.
    4. The only non-carry work is spiking the water pipe.

Although is carry things, it’s not really hard because all the sapling is light weight.
The only hard thing for me is the position, I have to bend my back whole day due to the small sapling.

Capsicum PlantingCapsicum Planting

Sadly, this work only last for 1 week instead of 2 weeks because of our efficiency.
1 week salary mean no budget for buggy jump but at lease  help me passed my hardest time.
And met a new NZWHer in this effective team.

Capsicum PlantingCapsicum PlantingCapsicum Planting

And my lovely boss!

Capsicum Planting

Aside working, Matakana is just a boring town. Not much excited except surfing.
Warkworth is just another bigger town, good for restock.
The only thing special for NZWH is the free wifi library.

Since I live in a boring town, and not much interaction with BBH mate.
I have a really simple life over here.
Just working, cooking, enjoying nature and sleeping.
and Tree Planting.

Happy Day BackpackerHappy Day BackpackerHappy Day BackpackerHappy Day Backpacker

The original plan for north island already gone, now just follow my heart for the coming journey.

Dunedin——City of Chocolate

To Avoid Nigh drive, we stayed Milton Happy Inn BBH after The Catlins
And we met an amazing BBH host, Tony
Aside of using transitional(wood) as cooking material,

Milton BBHMilton BBH

He also taught me hot to juggle!

Milton BBH

I believe he have a lot story to tell but unfortunately we have to proceed to our last station.

After 1 month drive and many in-organize  route, finally we’re at our final station, Dunedin for this festival

Cadbury Festival is an annual event held at the World steepest street in Dunedin. The Highlight of this program is a thousand of chocolate ball race across the steep street

Cadbury FestivalCadbury Festival

For the people who hold the code for the winner chocolate ball, he/she can get a 2000 NZD voucher!

Cadbury Festival

But we actually coming for the event reputation
There are thousand of family, NZWHer, Cadbury Uncle, chocolate man…
It’s hard to enjoy this kind of celebration in the south island!

Why it held in Dunedin is because Dunedin have it main factory.
You can pay a visit if you like chocolate so much.


Beside, Dunedin have a famous Otago Penisula

Otago Penisular

There is a Larnach Castle, penguin tour and a few track
But only Track is free, others is quite expensive for us.
Due to time limitation, we only went for Sand Fly Bay.

Otago Penisular

Just like it name, Sand Fly Bay is a bay which the sand will fly.
This is because the strong wind over this area.
So winter is a bad day to come here.

Beside, we take a panorama view for whole dunedin at Signal Hill and Mt Cargill.

Signal Hill:

Signal HillSignal Hill

Mt. Cargill is higher than Signal Hill but also with dangerous roud.
It’s not recommended came here for night scene, signal hill should be enough.

But we chose Mt. Cargill for night scene is because there is someone saw Aurora on this hill.
And Dunedin is the last chance for me to spot Aurora!
With luck, the Aurora level on that night is high enough.
Finally we risk our car to come up this high hill

Mt. Cargill

With no luck, we didn’t spot any Aurora due to cloudy weather.
But we enough photo taking at the cold mountain top.


To spot Aurora, there are some criteria: Good weather, high land, minimum light pollution and maximum Aurora level.

Dunedin itself is a historical city.
There are a lot amazing architecture product which will favour architecture lover.

Lastly, I have a chance to visit Otago University because of my old school mate

University of Otago

The Otago University covered about 1/4 of the Dunedin City. Mean it’s really convenient for the student to access any shop.

My friend also introduce me their daily dessert, big and cheap ice cream.


After seeing the amazing study environment over here, felt really regret for not working hard on scholarship during secondary school.
No more chance to experience the scenic school, surfing summer break, skiing winter break.

For our last station, thanks a lot to my travel mates who accompany me throughout all happy, hard, surprise time.

Cadbury Festival

It’s time to continue my last north island journey.
Don’t know what going to happen, but in faith in God that He will lead.