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1 Citizen short film —— Personal Cyber War

1Citizen is a workshop  about IT ethnic specially for University student launch by Government.
As a computer science student, for sure we are the first targeted group for this workshop.

Aside compulsory, I finally attend this workshop because it had a competition with huge prize.
(That time I sacrifice a paid lunch organized by AIESEC)


I still remember that time, most of the student just treat it as one compulsory work, complete it as simple and fast as possible.
But for me, for sure I’ll do my best for it!
Since finally I have a chance to apply my effect skills.

However, I have no much experience in drama plotting.
The only thing I learn is about effect.

After 1 day of planning, I decided to use

visual effect as key attention point for the informative content.

By following this idea, the movie I choose which have the great visual effect and related to IT is The Matrix. It’s about the war between computer and Human being.

With this reference, I finally come out a rough idea:

The War inside the Cyber World——The Cyber War

After the idea is set, it’s time to build up the Cyber World.
Base on reference, cyber world normally have these characteristic, and I accomplish these with respective effect:

Characteristic Effect Used
Greenish Glow Effect
Lot of light spot Particular Effect
Lot of grid Grid Effect
And form of thing Form Effect


After 2 days of hard-work and focus. Finally I have the outcome:

Before hand up, I asked some opinion from family and friend in order to make it batter. After hand up, I straight away forget about it because busy about other activities.

After 2 months++, the result announced and I can’t believe that
I get a second prize!
Thanks God for Everything!
Thanks everyone who helped to make this video better!

I also have a chance to attend the prize giving ceremony, and have a look for every category first price winner.
My course-mate produced an amazing video with wonderful plot which earn him a finale grand price.
The good plotting remind a word I learn from Media Camp.

Effect Tell Nothing, the important is the message

Again, this is a turning point for me to struggle between Software Engineering && Graphic and Multimedia.
Both of them is I love with passion but I cannot have them both.
I really have a hard decision between them.

*And Today, I choose Software Engineer as there is a huge opportunity inside. For example, The Big Data, infinite big!



For photo taking, most of the people will take the picture of sunrise, sunset…
But i my view, i think that the most beautiful thing is the cloud…

For most of the sunrise and sunset picture…
if the picture without cloud will only just an ordinary picture~
But with the present of cloud, the picture will be stunning, more beautiful~
It is because the cloud can reflect the light well~

For example during sunset, the sky will become golden red…
but cloud the reflect the sunlight at different deep…
Finally a picture with yellow>golden>red>blue>purple is form~

Besides, I like cloud because it can form many different shapes…
There is unlimited picture can be taken from cloud…
I’ll never bored when taking picture of cloud because it keep changing~

That the reason i like cloud so much and here is a photo of cloud taken from my house…
I did not have enough time to find a good angle(actually is forgot)…
So the “tiang” spoiled it…(argh!!! at center center there…)