Auckland City——1 day Trip

Because there was 1 friend in Auckland, I’ll stay in Auckland City for 1 night~
For this time, I stayed in a BBH, first time in NZ BBH…
Still couldn’t get use the environment with a group of Europe…
But I believe I’ll perform better~

10 in the morning, I took bus from Botany town to Oakland Lodge in Mt. Eden…
Oakland Lodge BBH窗外的风景,Scene outside my room

About 1pm, I met my friend, J who studied in Auckland University…

Auckland University的艺术品,Art around Auckland University

It felt warm when meeting someone I know in Malaysia at NZ~

We take a walk around Auckland City~
When reached Sky Tower, we have insufficient fund to get up to sky tower…

贵了一点吧~ A little expensive for me~200米... 200m...

So only get some photo from below~

抬头仰望,look upon the tower

Next, free place was our choice——Art Gallery…

Art Gallery 前门,Front door of Art Gallery会“开”的花哦~A Moving Flower~

Art was language, and it’s hard to understand~

Found something Interesting in Art Gallery Shop. (You see the Point?)
Made in Malaysia

The Train Station…

火车站,Train Station

Fish Market (NZ famous with their fish too)

鱼市场,Fish Market

With Friend, Portrait photo was easy~


On the way, saw a special building, I’m still thinking how the top floor made~

铁箱组成的店,Shop built up by container

Finally, We have Malaysian food for our dinner~

It feels different when having local meal outside the country!

I ordered a Nasi Dagain Rendang…(Ops, No Photo)
Cost: 12.90 NZD
Finally, I ate the short rice agin (In NZ is long grain)
But beef is local beef, fresher~

Meal was expensive, but confirm full!

Then, J treat me with local famous ice-cream,
Cost: 5.60 NZD/scoop
I ordered Maple Walnut flavor~
Again, un-describable good!
Maple Wulnut Ice Cream最出名之一的冰淇凌店,The famous Ice-Cream Shop

Because of transportation problem, I ended 1 day trip 1 NZ~
But I feel stratify with the scene I see, the food I ate!
It was the first time I ate a meal more than 10 NZD in NZ…

Thanks mate! I’ll come back Auckland to treat you again when I earn money!

谢谢你,朋友!Thanks mate!

Second day, I was thinking to went to a church for Garbage sale…

St. Barnabas
If can, I would like to go up to Mt. Eden to take a full view of Auckland City…
But unfortunately it was a rainy and cold morning~

Thanked God the rain stopped at 9.30
My first plan was taking a 10am bus to CBD and took 1pm bus to Tauranga…
But Mt. Eden was in my sight, and the weather is so good!
So I take the risk of miss bus, climbed up the mountain~

Because of taking risk, Finally I can see the full view of Auckland City!

On the Mt. I saw the insane training of the NZ rugby team~ (See what they holding)

地狱训练!Hard-core Training!

About 11am, I straight away go to CBD…
But there was a triathlon host in Auckland City, All the road had been blocked!
At last I have to bring my luggage over the huge slope~

The view along the way was wonderful~


Finally, thanked God I still able to get on my bus on time~

Auckland City, see you in August!