Programming… still long way to learn…

Finally, the Big Data programming contest is over!
After a 2 week intensive practice,  our team still achieve 0/12…
It’s real, 0/12!

Is it that hard?
From our experience, Yes!

I believe you played 2048 game before.
An example question is write an AI(Artificial Intelligence) which able to solve 2048 in 1,000,000 move.
Mean the program can auto solve 2048, in any random case.
Here is an example.

In fact we have only 1 year experience in programming~
And we just learn how to deal with school exam…
For sure we can’t handle this kind of question~
Even maybe we can, it will be 1 week but not in 2 hours.

However with the little hope, I still stay until the final round.
Because for me

One failure one experience to success

There is no point for me to giving up such opportunity to gain the experience.

Thanks to my friend introduce such amazing competition to me!
Thanks to my team mate spent 2 weeks together kill our brain cells!
Thanks God for giving me this experience, I’ll learn harder and work harder!

Next time, I’ll make the 0/12 to 6/12, is possible 12/12!