Journey of 8000km~

After staying 1 weeks in Malacca, it’s time for me to depart to Singapore.
The Overall Route is:
Malacca > Queen Street (SG) > Bugis MRT > Changi Airport > Auckland Airport > Ashley Homestay.

1st of april 10am, I go Singapore by using 707 Travel Service.
Cost: RM 23
Because of the efficiency of campony, the bus only stop at SG immigration for 20min…
And this cause me missed the bus because of some delay at immigration of SG…
Again, because of the efficiency, I can take the next hour bus to Queen St. with no extra charge~

What I learn is early departure is a must!

Bugis MRT station is located 600m from Queen St.
A MRT Ticket to Changi Airport can be brought in Bugis MRT Station.
But There is a MRT changed in Tanah Merah Station.

Cost : 2 SGD + 10 cen (for the deposit of the card)

The MRT station is in between Terminal 2 and 3…
But what I want to go is Terminal 1…

So I take the sky train from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1~
Although the name of sky train is Train, but it was operate by a bus wheel
Cost: Free~

After check-in my 15kg luggage, I have my lunch+dinner in Burger King (because Miri don’t have any)
When I reached Information Center, there is a china uncle who lost his luggage…
His try to explain the situation but the reception don’t really know chinese…
Since I can understand both, I become their translator…

Finally, I knew the reason why we learn english speaking in school!

Back to Burger King, I brought a Double Cheese Swiss…
Cost: 8 SGD
At the same time I arrange my document and give them a show~

Lastly, entered the waiting hall, prepare to depart!

Bye Asia~

On the Flight:

(Surprised by the temperature outside! -51’C)

Next time I want middle seat too…

Flight Meal~
Cost: 35 SGD!!! (I brought it because I can’t expect what will happen in the 10 hours~)
And now I knew that brought 4 burger king on plane was the better choice!

The Scambled Egg is really special!
On the left side is steamed egg but i think it mixed with potato…
Right side is grilled potato with mushroom…
And middle is meat, and i think is lamb…
This meal make my 35 SGD reasonable (a little bit)

Waiting for sunrise~


Finally, I saw the NZ Great Land!


Also have something familiar

The first cloud shot in Airport is already stunned my heart~

That’s my first day to NZ…
Have to find job quickly or not i’ll be broken~