National Park: Lake Rotoiti & Lake Rotoroa

Since today no work and have transport…
I followed my friend to Lakes Nelson Lake National Park : Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotoroa
Cost: 20 NZD petrol fee

We, 5 people departed at 9am!
On the road, we saw a really straight road pointed to the Mountain we were going…
It’s a waste if not shot down such a nice view~
直直去!Straight Away!
难得美景,当然是拍照的时间,Prefect place for photo taking另一个角度,Another angle

About an hour half, we reached the first point——Lake Rotoiti
Since it’s a scenery place, allow me introduce them by photo~

Next station is Lake Rotoroa…
And we found something special on the road…

Beware Kiwi! But we had no luck to see one~
小心奇异鸟!Beware Kiwi!

A lost sheep, trembling alone…
This remind a verse:
“All of us like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to his own way; But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all To fall on Him.”
Isaiah 53:6
When we really lost in our life, we only can trembling aside and wait for someone to save you…
迷路的羊,A lost sheep为什么只剩我一个?Why leave me alone?

With luck, we had a chance to see cow pass the road~ (They poop a lot!)

About an hour, we reached the Lake Rotoroa…

Time for photo again~


On the way back, we climbed up a small summit to take a view~
This was the first time I climb up a summit so easy!

Hope Saddle 的山顶,Walk to summit of Hope Saddle山顶上可以看到什么?What you can see over this summit?还是那个东西,Still this mark at the summit


As ending, thanked God for giving me my favourite Light Ray~

阳光,Light Ray美丽的草原,温暖的阳光... Beautiful light ray...

This trip had made me desire to buy a car! Because it was too convenient!