International Service Checker tutorial

Step 1

Register an account at Paypal if you don’t have any.
Please make sure you have a with correct personal information, especially e-mail.

Step 2

Go to and choose your language.page1


Step 3

choose Service Checker > Want to become a Service Checker



Step 4

Read (but we normally won’t) and agree the term and condition.

Step 5

Fill your personal data, be real.



Step 6

More information to fill.
For question “How did you find out about INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK?”
please choose “Recommendation” and fill “Kiwi Lo” if my tutorial helped you.



Step 7

After registration, there’ll be a confirmation e-mail send to your e-mail address.

Step 8

Login your account with the provided link and login details in the e-mail.
*Remember/store your user ID as you need it for every login.

Step 9

Fill a more details personal data, the task is assigned base on the information given, so be accurate.
Eg: if I fill JB, I’ll only get assign check for JB area.

Step 10

Tadaa! You’re already a member in the ISC team, but your’re not ready for a check yet.
In 24 hours, you’ll received and e-mail regarding certification test.
Just like study, we need certificate to show our qualification.
You need to obtain these two certificates before your first check.
Quality Certification and McDonald’s Certification

To get the certification, login your account > my certifications.


Step 11

Once you obtained the certificates, contact me from here/fb/tweeter I’ll request my coordinator to assign you your very first check as soon as possible.

I’ll not post a tutorial for how to perform a check because different area may have different check progress.
But don’t worry, there’ll be a complete guideline for you when you received the assign check.

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